Expressions in English

Here we make available a list of expressions which can make your life resemble more clearly your faith and promote a deeper understanding of Druidry. Some of those expressions can be easily adapted to the experience of another faith, and we hope to contribute with the whole pagan community so the names of our Gods echo stronger all around the world.

As we receive more suggestions or have more examples we will make them available in this page, come back always and, if you have any suggestions, don’t forget to leave a comment.

By [deity]‘s [representativity] – calling for the Brighit’s fire, the lightings of Taranis or any strong representation of one of our preferred Gods brings us closer to Them, making us more open-hearted to Their presence and energy.

For the Gods sake – generally it substitutes expressions like “for the love of god”, “for god’s sake” or any of its variants. Why not use “for the love of the Gods“, then? Its simple. There are Gods which deal with love, Gods that deal with healing, arts, warfare, education, nature and everything in existence. So, for the Gods sake, why not honor all of them?

Thank the Gods! – sometimes, a plural makes all the difference.

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